Starbucks Capstone Project

Problem Statement

Data Exploring and Clean

1. Portfolio Data

2. Profile Data

3. Transcript Data

All Offers Record:  70158
viewed and completed in time Offers: 23864 ,Percentage: 0.340146526412
didn't view and completed offers: 28859 ,Percentage: 0.411342968728
viewed but didn't complete offers: 5049 ,Percentage: 0.0719661335842
Niether viewed nor completed offers: 10780 ,Percentage: 0.153653182816

Business Questions about Type1 and Type3 Groups:


Prepare Data:

Algorithm & Techniques

logistic regression
random forest
AdaBoost Classifier








A lifelong learner

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Iris Yao

Iris Yao

A lifelong learner

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